Sometimes the Impossible is Possible

As baseball coaches we sometimes sell kids short . . . literally. Sure, most kids aren’t going to make it to the big leagues–and those who will are likely to be the tallest ones. Yet, there are (and have been) plenty of players under six-feet tall.

Jose Altuve is 5’-6” “tall” and weighs 165 pounds, making him the smallest player in the big leagues. He is also the best hitter in baseball over the past six years, being chosen as an All Star and winning the World Series and Most Valuable Player Award in 2017.

When I was young ballplayer I was a Freddie Patek fan. Patek was an All Star shortstop with the Royals who led the league in several offensive and defensive categories. Freddie Patek was 5’-4” tall, but he played much bigger.

Patek once said, “I’d rather be the shortest player in the in the majors than the tallest player in the minors.” 

It’s not just being small ion stature and bucking the odds, it’s being seen as less-than-others in some way and overcoming.

Sometimes the Impossible is Possible