Dates In Your Calendar Are Closer Than They Appear

We all agree that time flies, but we don’t always keep track of it. It may seem like we are on a speeding train looking out of the window as our life zips by in a blur. If we keep putting off what we want and need to do, we may run out of time, energy, and opportunity—plus we’ll have regrets.

If we’re lucky, men can expect to live to be 74, and women to 83 years of age. I did the math, I’ve already lived 69% of my life. I have four summers left with my oldest son at home, three seasons to coach my youngest son’s baseball team, and probably only a couple more Thanksgivings with my mom.

It’s made me question some things. These are the questions I’m asking my self.
• What is most important right now and how can I make sure I don’t miss it?
• What do I want or need to do, but haven’t?
• What would I regret not doing if I died today?
• If today were my last day would I want to do what I’m doing?

The next step is to take small steps to do these things.

Dates In Your Calendar Are Closer Than They Appear