Shark Week

The week before Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a Tiger Shark that ripped off her left arm, my buddy and I were snorkeling at that same exact spot on the North Shore of Kauai. We were oblivious to the fact there were sharks there. Since the attack, I have not surfed on that side of the island.

In Southern California this spring there have been more shark sightings than ever before. We’ve always known that juvenile Great Whites spend time along our coast, but because the sharks were seldom seen, most people didn’t give it a second thought. Now sharks are all over the news and there is real fear.

The chance of being attacked by a shark are minuscule, but the fear of an attack has kept many out of the water. How many irrational fears have kept us from wading into something we want to do but don’t for fear we may fail? (It’s not like we’re gonna die if we try.)


Shark Week