Have Hope

The Second Half of the Year Starts Now

If the first half of this year was all you hoped it would be, keep it going in the second half (which starts this month). If January to June was nothing like you hoped it would be, start over with a new approach for the second half.

Good or bad, what each camp has in common is a hope that the (immediate) future will be better. I have one foot in each camp–the year started strong and didn’t slow down until June. I believe good things are right around the corner–I have to believe that.
The minute we start to go to the dark side (doom and gloom) we’re done. If I believed a book wouldn’t sell, nobody is booking speakers, or I’ll never be skinny again, I would just quit trying. However, hope fuels the fire that propels us (me) forward.

I’m going to work extra hard this summer to set things up for a successful fall and winter. I’m optimistic, but also realistic. For me, things don’t just happen, I have to make them happen. How about you? Are you hopeful or are you skeptical? Are you proactive or reactive? Do you believe things will be better?

Have Hope

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