Be True To You


It’s no secret I have been a huge fan of the band Rush since 1977. I’m not the only one. The band inspires that kind of long term loyalty from fans worldwide. Why is that, and what can we learn from it?

The number one reason is they are unapologetic about their unique sound. The critics have always bashed the band, which won them more fans who also saw themselves as outside the mainstream.

Even when record sales were slow (and they were almost dropped by their label after their third album) they stuck to their guns and went on the road to win over fans with their inspiring live shows and musicianship.

What fans love is the honesty in Rush’s music—and their humility in spite of immense success. They do what they do best and attract others who appreciate them for not selling out–except every seat, every night.

Be true to you. The next article exemplifies how I made a minor shift after I was sick and spent the day listening to my entire Rush collection of music. I was inspired to live my truth and trusted that people will get it.

Be True To You

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