Report Card

How Would You Grade Yourself?

If you were to give yourself a grade on how well you did last year (or so far this year) in different areas of your life, what would it be? Let’s look at some areas of your life so you can honestly evaluate yourself. Give yourself a grade for the areas that apply to you.


__ Career / Business
__ Friendships
__ Income / Money Matters
__ Health and Fitness
__ Education / Lifelong Learning
__ Parenting
__ Financial Management
__ Self-Promotion
__ Key Projects
__ Spouse / Key Relationship
__ Balance / Stress
__ Family / Immediate and Extended
__ Hobbies / “Me” Time
__ Travels / Adventures
__ Appearance / Image
__ Volunteer / Charity
__ Attitude / Demeanor

Figure out your GPA to see how you are doing overall and note which areas you need to bring your grade up.

Report Card

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