What The Duck?

“Love the uniforms,” Amanda said to Mel. “Thanks for handling it all.”

“No worries. Since our team name is The Ducks, the yellow jerseys with orange shorts make sense,” Mel replied. “Otherwise, it would just be weird.”

“With our first game two weeks away, we should wear our uniforms out and about to promote the team and the league,” Amanda said, holding a jersey up to get a good look.

“I agree. Not many people expect or realize there’s a woman’s flag football league with six teams in it.”

“Made up of moms, I might add.”

“I had the company that made the uniforms create some imprinted rubber ducks we can give away as well. Help me open the box,” Mel said.

The two teammates ripped open the box and each pulled out a duck and just stared at it. Amanda spoke first, “What the duck is this? This duck has two beaks.”

“ I don’t know how that happened! This is a disaster.”

“Maybe not,” Amanda said staring at the odd looking little duck. “This could be promotional gold. Think about it, we can get people saying, ‘What the duck?’ when they see them, which is kind of what they’re probably thinking when it comes to a flag football league made up of moms—both are unexpected.”

“So what you’re saying is this is a blessing in disguise. We’re going to make lemonade from lemons—or try to pass of these freaky looking ducks off as normal.”

“Not normal, but unique. Special, even.”

“If you say so.”

“I do.”

The strange looking ducks were a hit. There were duck races in the bay as a fundraiser, “What the Duck” T-shirts were made and sold to raise money, and a “Support the Ducks” campaign landed Amanda and Mel on the local news—which then went viral. When the season started the women’s flag football games were the hottest ticket in town.

[Editor’s Note: This story is purely fictional, but the fact is sometimes “mistakes” make for the best outcomes.]

What The Duck?

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