The Comeback

To comeback from something negative isn’t easy, but people do it all the time and are better for it. There are a lot of obvious and simple things to do when attempting to bounce back from adversity, but I want to offer three things that we may have not thought about and go against the grain.


Go ahead and channel our anger in a positive way and use it to push us past obstacles or objections. Whether it’s to say to the naysayers, “Oh yeah, just watch me. I’ll show you,” or to let the anger fuel our fire to do more and try harder.

Having a purpose that is bigger than us can be just what we need to find the strength to go for it and get past what is holding us back. Maybe it’s a cause, our customers, our kids, our company, or something else that we want to make a comeback for.

Whether others let us down or not, taking control of our own destiny and making a commitment to ourselves to do all we can is empowering. Not relying on others and taking charge of turning things around is better than waiting and hoping someone else will do it for us.

After a down year in 2016, things have turned around for me in 2017, but the comeback isn’t quite complete. If you know of any group that needs a keynote or breakout speaker, please let me know. I would really appreciate it.

The Comeback

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