Teach What You Know

I’m a big believer in credit unions and have been a member of mine for 35 years–which is why I do so much work with credit unions. Three people who work for a national association of credit unions have become more than clients, they are friends. When all three came to San Diego from Wisconsin for a vacation (and to celebrate a birthday) I insisted that they come over to my house (by the beach) and that I would teach them how to surf. They chose stand up paddle boarding instead.

The weekday morning they were scheduled to come over I got a text, “It looks cloudy and cold, maybe we should cancel.” I wasn’t going to let that happen, so I told them I would rent them all wetsuits. It ended up raining while they were out paddling around, but they couldn’t care less, they were having a blast. It was a magical day that they would have missed if they bailed because of a little weather. (It actually rained a little which made it even more unique.)

For me, I gave them instruction before they headed out and it was so satisfying to see them have success–not falling in–and watch them do something for the first time. Is there anything better than teaching others? I think not. What is something you know about and can teach it to others?

Teach What You Know

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