Play it Loud

What’s the best thing about playing music? It’s when everyone in a band is on the same page and playing the same note perfectly . . . live. I have a buddy who has a lot going on in his life (I get it) but we could have played several live shows, but he’s never available–and he’s the singer, so . . .

To me there is nothing better than playing music in front of other people. There will come a time when nobody will care about what we want to play and / or we’ll be too old to play it. I say, let’s go, let’s play now. That’s me. I am always up for a gig. Others, not so much. To them, there is always tomorrow.

To me, tomorrow is today. What’s something you love to do, but don’t do enough? I am now looking for other musicians who want to play live. What are you doing to do more of what you love to do?

Play it Loud

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