Keep Swimming

In the animated film, “Finding Nemo,” the main character (Dory) remembers something her long lost parents told her–which is to keep swimming . . . no matter what.

I’ll be honest, I was disappointed that my last book, “Sunshine” did not sell well. I dropped everything to write the book for my dying friend. I did it for her, but I sacrificed a lot to do it. (I lost a ton of work–and future work–while staying committed to the project.)

I put my heart and soul into that book and hoped more people would resonate with the message (live now so you won’t have regrets later, and don’t use your past as an excuse for where you are today) but alas, it wasn’t a strong seller.

After the book was out for a while I told my wife, “That’s it, I’m not spending months of my life on another book again . . . ever.”

Then I got an especially nice note from a reader (Wednesday Moore) and I changed my tune. Sales numbers are nice, but having people tell you your work matters is equally important.

So what if people didn’t buy the book? That doesn’t mean it wasn’t worthwhile work–which it was. In fact, winning the award for Best Memoir in 2017 proved it.

I’m not giving up writing books. However, I’m writing my next one for me. It’s intensely personal and I don’t care if it sells or not. I’m working on it because I want to read it.

Waiting for others to tell us we’re great, or our work is exceptional, can be frustrating–because it may never happen. Pursue what you love, do the best you can, and let it go. At least that’s what I plan to do.

Sunshine wants you to hear her story and words of wisdom.

Keep Swimming

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