Murder Mystery

In all the years I have been doing a blog and newsletter, I have tried to not repeat myself. So, here is something I’ve never done before–a murder mystery. It should only take a few minutes to solve. I’ll put the “whodunnit” at the end of the post.

Alan was a guitar virtuoso, a legend in the music industry. The fact he never stuck with a band for more than a tour at a time had to do with his demeanor (he was often drunk, disagreeable, and difficult) but boy could he play.

On this particular tour he may have went too far. Everyone was furious with Alan–the group’s manager complained about his tardiness, the band felt he was stealing the show and their girls, and the roadies were annoyed and appalled by the way he mistreated his instruments and equipment.

When he was found dead just before the last show of the tour, there was no lack of suspects. The manager was the one to find him backstage. Alan was on the ground in a fetal position with his guitar strapped on and plugged in. There was a broken bottle of Vodka at his feet. 

After finding out their lead guitarist was dead (at their managers’ suggestion) the singer, bass player, and drummer all agreed to do the show while the roadies packed up his gear.

There was no obvious cause of death, and everyone was busy before the show and nowhere near Alan–who set up a makeshift area backstage to warm up alone. So who killed him?



The Killer is . . .

It seemed like all of the characters had a motive to kill Alan, the gruff guitarist. However, nobody actually did it. The clues were that he was a drunk, did not take care of his gear, and warmed up alone. Alan electrocuted himself when a vodka bottle fell and broke on his already damaged electric equipment in his solitary practice area.

Murder Mystery

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