Fast and Furious

Who has the time to read? Nobody. So we skim. The problem is people often miss important information and then look silly when they drop the ball, reply back with a question that was already answered in the original text, or cause themselves (and others) unneeded stress when they realized they, “Read something wrong”. This can be avoided. Here’s how.

1. Skim through the e-mail quickly once and try to spot the key information (dates, deadlines, times, requirements) and then read through the parts that you identified as critical.

2. Ask a question before you read something and then search for the answer in the e-mail or text. (What do I need to do? Where do I need to be? When is this due?)

3. After you have skimmed something and are at the end, go backwards through the e-mail and see what jumps out at you.

4. Focus on what you are reading by following your finger. You can speed up or slow down based on how relevant the information is.

5. Enlarge the type size on the platform you are reading in so you can see better with your peripheral vision.

6. Try to picture what you’re reading. If there is a certain place you are supposed to be, imagine what this place looks like and take a snapshot of it in your mind.

7. Read aloud. Say the words so you see and hear them.

Fast and Furious

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