Earth, Wind and Fire

Do you like the group Earth, Wind, and Fire?I do. After recently watching them in concert, I came away with some good ideas about success. Here’s three:

1. Passionate Performers. 
You get the sense the members of the band are passionate about the music and give everything, every time they perform. They look like they’re having fun, because they are. You can tell they love what they do (and do for the audience) and it pushes them. When you watch (the late) Maurice White and his brother Verdine White on stage, they are both loving it, and believing it.

LESSON: It’s easier to promote or sell something when you know it’s good and it will make a difference in someone’s life. People also buy from passionate, enthusiastic, and positive people who love what they do and are having fun doing it.

2. Positive and Supportive.
What’s more, the leaders of the band enjoy seeing others solo and shine. During the solos, or when another member is singing lead, you can see the respect, admiration, and acknowledgement from the rest of the band. Even though lead singer Philip Bailey has been in the band since 1972, when he hits his signature high notes you’ll notice the rest of the band nods and bobs in recognition of his amazing talent.

LESSON: Social media works best when we not only promote ourselves, but also take time to acknowledge others for their accomplishments. There’s enough room at the top of any field for ourselves and others to succeed . . . together.

Prepared and Professional.
An Earth, Wind, and Fire concert is a s-h-o-w. The band is tight musically and visually–they have choreographed moves in concert that are obviously rehearsed, but they continue to put a fresh spin on some of their older songs to change with the times. They are true professionals who practice and prepare to wow every night . . . and they do.

LESSON: A true professional (in any field) is the most prepared person in the room. Preparation equals confidence. There are a million excuses we could use to avoid doing the prep work, but nobody cares what’s happening in our life, they expect a “show” when it’s our turn to shine.

Earth, Wind, and Fire Live:

Earth, Wind and Fire

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