“Time” To Get In Shape

If you hate to exercise, but know you need to, read this. I think I can offer a couple of ideas for people who don’t like to workout for the reasons that it is tedious, boring, and too time consuming. (I know this works because I just described myself.)

1. Time Flies When You’re Having Fun
Einstein described his Theory of Relativity (in so many words) as doing something you enjoy so one hour feels like a minute. If we enjoy talking to people and being social but hate running on a treadmill alone, it would be far better to schedule a long walk or bike ride with a friend. Not only are you more accountable because someone is waiting for you, but you forget you’re exercising since you are chatting away and outside with lots to look at. The other way to look at this concept is to include things that you enjoy (watching a movie) with working out. Finally, you can get a good workout by doing a sport you enjoy as way to get in your cardio.

2. Time Saved is Time Earned
We don’t have time to do it all, so let’s do it all at once. If we speed clean the house while running up and down the stairs and taking the trash out to the farthest trash can we can find, we can work up a sweat. If we have a bunch of calls to make, why not do it while walking . . . to mail something in the mailbox four blocks away? Do a normal task or chore at normal speed, now try to beat that time. Set a new record for how fast you can do something. (Speed through the aisles at the grocery store, or example or rake the leaves in record time.) Lastly, when we do go to the gym, we waste time. We can save time by having no down time. A 45 minute workout can be done in 30 minutes by letting one muscle group rest while you work the other. (Example: Do curls for your biceps and then go right to a triceps exercise–one is a pull and the other a push movement.)

“Time” To Get In Shape

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