Good Call

Making Good Choices

What we choose to do today has a ripple effect in the future. When we consistently make good choices about how we spend our time and what we focus on can create positive outcomes for months to come.

After testing and using a system I developed for deciding what to do next (and what not to do next) and deciding between good and great opportunities, I am ready to share it with the world.

Using a worksheet and deck of custom cards a person can rate a project or path to determine if it’s worth the time and effort. These cards also help to determine what’s the best choice when faced with several options.

I’m making my system available for $10.00 (my cost, essentially) for people to try. In addition to creating a deck of cards that work well with adult decisions, I am working on one for teens and young adults. I create a GoFundMe account to help me get kids to try these cards out. If you donate $20 I’ll send you a set and set one aside to give to a teen to try.

Good Call

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