Trainwreck—Why People Implode

Why do smart people do dumb things that are sure to bring them down? I’m certain psychologists have several clinical terms to describe this behavior, but let’s look at it from a lay person’s perspective.

Could it be as simple as someone’s internal barometer of success doesn’t line up with their external one? Meaning, if a person believes they don’t deserve to be loved, aren’t worthy of earning a ton of money, or can’t handle having others hold them in high esteem they will do what they can to get back to a place they feel comfortable?

As strange as that sounds, it also makes sense. So what’s the solution? If we are a person who loves others unconditionally, makes money by helping people improve their lives, and are the best at what we do, we shouldn’t feel guilty about accepting that good things can and should happen for us. Focus on how we are making a difference and deserve to be rewarded. If we can’t handle too much success or too much stress, we should grow gradually. If we can replace bad habits with good ones (or bad influences with good ones) we can then create a new normal.

Trainwreck—Why People Implode

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