Good Idea

Okay, you have this great idea, a brilliant breakthrough, an epiphany–but you’re in the middle of doing something else (which is when ideas usually strike) so what do you do? 

If you’re in the shower, a grease pencil to write on the tiles works well. I know that sounds crazy, but it would be more crazy not to note your good ideas down somewhere.

Maybe you’re on a long walk or a run when inspiration hits, if you have an index card and pen in your pocket, note it there. If you’re out to dinner or at a bar, write it on a napkin.

Let’s say you’re driving and you think up a creative solution to a problem, pull over and write it down, send yourself an e-mail, or call someone else and have them write it down.

The point of all this is the way we can become a creative genius, make millions of dollars with a new product or service, or change the world, all begins with an idea–our idea. Big thinkers have some system to store their ideas, like these:

1. There are several software ideas that allow you to store, sort, and search your ideas.

2. An old fashioned journal or notebook still works well. You can even use it to store your random slips of papers until you transfer them.

3. With a camera in our hand at all times we can take pictures of things that inspire us or spur new ideas. We can also draw, doodle, or make diagrams and photograph them for safe keeping.

4. A file or pile can be the perfect place to keep little ideas you are thinking about turning into something bigger.

5. In the old days, a hand-held recorder for voice memos worked well, now we can talk our ideas out into our phones. You can also call another phone and leave a message.

6. A bulletin Board is a great place to post ideas so you can look at them and think of things to add or delete (and post related items or improvements.) The key is it’s not out of sight and out of mind.

7. You could put your best ideas in a safe if you’re worried someone will steal them.

8. Start a computer file or keep a thumb-drive with your best ideas in them along with related drawings, notes, and research.

9. A box for each idea (or all of your ideas) is another solution to storing your genius.

10. There is no wrong way to save your ideas, there is only your way.

Good Idea

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