Thick Skin Is In

It’s a tough world for people who take everything personally. Nowadays, we get slighted by people who don’t even realize an unreturned call or the smallest slight can be a big deal. If we are active on social media, there is no way we can’t have a thick skin. A text, posting, or tweet can be taken out of context and all of a sudden we are under attack by a barrage of bad will. So what’s the answer? I wish I knew.

We often ask for clarification on something and the next thing we know it’s an issue. Some people want to “talk it out” but then they have the upper hand because verbal communication is their strength. Others want a war of words that starts out friendly but ends with people as enemies. With the immediacy of today’s communication, we have to be careful what we say, and taking what others say at face value.

If anyone has the answer as to how to deal with people who are rude (but likely don’t intend to be—they are just busy,) how to handle others with a me-first attitude and no respect for anyone else (it’s the wave of the future, so we must deal with it,) and how to not get mad at people who attack us for no reason (they have their reasons, even if we don’t,) I’d like to know.

Thick Skin Is In

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