Shoeless Joe

“If you build it, he will come.” 
—Shoeless Joe in Field of Dreams
I have to watch this movie alone because I don’t want anyone to see me bawling. It’s a father and son movie (spoiler alert) that cuts to the core much like the song, “Cats in the Cradle.” So what can we learn from this film? Let me go to another movie for the answer. In the movie Rudy, his mentor tells him like it is, “In this life you have nothin’ to prove to nobody but yourself.” If we let go of the outcome and focus on the process, what is there to worry about? Fear comes from our concern about what people will think about what we are doing. If we let go of the fear that comes from worrying about what others will think, we eliminate procrastination. In the end, do it for you. If it doesn’t work, you still did it for you and you enjoyed doing it. 


Shoeless Joe

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