Money Talks

“Show me the money”
—Rod Tidwell in Jerry MaGuire
I admire people who have so much confidence in what they do they can (and do) demand top dollar for their services. When we read about a CEO’s getting $150 million dollars to NOT lead their companies, (their “Golden Parachute”) it has to make us wonder, what are we really worth? Rarely do others give us top dollar for our time and talent without us at least asking for it. Some demand it. When we think about how much time we have left in our lives, and then realize we are trading a portion of our life for a fee (hourly or otherwise) when we work, it should at least make us want to maximize the amount of money we get paid. We get paid based on how much WE value our time. Maybe the line in the movie should be, “Give me the money” instead of just, “Show me the money.” I don’t just want to see it, I want to have it.   


Money Talks

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