Wish List

If you know someone who loves a good mystery, I’ve got two great books for you. Have a friend or family member who wants and needs to get organized, I’ve got a book for that. How about someone who loves music? Know any parents (or grandparents) who want new ways to entertain the kids on a cold and day or long drive? There’s a book for that.

In fact, with 21 books to my credit, I have a lot of holiday gifts that would be signed and sent from me to a person of your choice. Just tell me which book, how many copies, who to sign it to, and where to send it and I’ll do the rest. (Even wrap it if you’d like.)

The Homeless Hero (Mystery / Paperback) $11

Runaway Best Seller (Mystery / Paperback) $11

Organizing From The Right Side of the Brain (How To / Paperback) $15

The Wild Idea Club (Business / Paperback) $15

Rock To Riches (Music / Business / Paperback) $15

Bored Games (Parenting / Games / Paperback) $10

Self-Promotion For The Creative Person (Marketing / Artists / Paperback) $15

TO ORDER leesilber@leesilber.com

Wish List

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