Great Minds Mastermind Group

For one month I would like to start a Great Minds Group of people who the members can turn to for support, encouragement, and ideas.

The way it would work is each member would be able to submit one thing they need help with and the group would give them feedback.

The rules would be that we only focus on the positives and possibilities. We will look for the good and help our fellow members get to great. No negativity.

We would also all have to agree that what happens in the club stays in the club–meaning we can trust that our fellow members will not talk about or use our ideas.

We will be able to share without fear of being ridiculed, reprimanded, or disrespected. This club is about being able to openly share what we are working on or towards and have others help us with suggestions to make it happen faster and better.

We’ll limit the club to a dozen members and if it works like I hope it will, we’ll start a new one each month.


Great Minds Mastermind Group

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