Let’s Get Real

I’m not going to talk politics–that is never a good idea–but I do want to talk about politicians and what we can learn to be better presenters when it’s our turn to talk.

It’s probably not a good idea to just get up and wing it when we have to speak in front of others, it’s also never a good idea to script and then read our speech either.

The best speeches involve the heart and the head. A semi-scripted opening that is well rehearsed means we open strong, but then it’s time to go “off script,” using an outline with key words that trigger a story, example, or point we want to make to guide us.

Some speakers (and politicians) seem to struggle when they try to memorize their speech (which is hard to do and causes a fear of forgetting) or read their speeches (it comes across as stiff and insincere.)

It’s okay to write out a speech, but when it’s time to get up and give it, you should have internalized it and know it well enough to present it with only a few notes.

Let’s Get Real

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