Dancing With The Stars

Well, it’s a brand new season of “Dancing With The Stars.” The show that pairs “celebrities” with little or no dancing experience (or talent) with experienced dance professionals. What’s amazing is how much improvement there is in the performances from week to week. How do they do it, and why does it matter to us?

The show proves that if we are singularly focused on something and put in tons of time to train and learn, are extremely motivated to improve (the longer the stars last on the show, the more money they make), are willing to listen and learn from those who have more experience and are trying to help, the faster we will be better.

Many of us dabble. We aren’t as dedicated as we think we are to being the best at what we do. Some of you out there may be the outliers and working on your 10,000 hours at one thing, but most of us have other things that pull us away from training, learning, and doing the things needed to get to the next level.

The truth is, most of us aren’t stars asked to be on a hit television show where we are paid enough to drop everything and do nothing but dance. That said, the key is to be 100 percent engaged in whatever we are doing (creating, parenting, training, working) for as long as we are able to do it. In today’s world, this is balance.

Dancing With The Stars

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