Back To The Future II

In “Back to the Future II” Marty and Doc fast forward to the year 2015. That’s right, this year. In the movie Marty discovers his Nike shoes lace automatically, his jacket has a built in self-drying system, skateboards hover, and cars can fly. None of the inventions from the film have actually made it to the marketplace, but it’s interesting to see how television and film have come close to predicting the future. The movie “Minority Report” has some interesting concepts on marketing that aren’t that far off the mark. “Star Trek” had quite a few things that seemed so “way out there” back then (1966) but became real, and “The Truman Show” accurately predicted the popularity of reality television.  

When I think back to how many trends and inventions I have seen start in my lifetime it’s amazing and frustrating all at the same time. Why didn’t I do something when these opportunities presented themselves? Good question. It’s too late to lament what could have been. What I can do is try to predict what will come next and find a way to position myself to be ahead of it, or at the very least, be a part of it. How about you? What do you think will be the next big thing in your area of expertise, and what will you do to take advantage of it?  
Back To The Future II

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