Feel The Love

It can be a long wait if we are counting on others to recognize our extra effort and positive results. Maybe its time we just did it ourselves–became our greatest fan. We could simply call and leave a message on our own voice mail full of praise–or send an e-mail or text to ourselves. We could create our own award and have it made to sit on our desk or shelf. We could leave a note on the mirror to find the next day celebrating our success. We could end each day with a praise party instead of a pity party. 
For those of us who have a fan club (and almost everyone does) save the nice notes, congratulatory e-mails, photos, texts, posts, and so on of others singing our praise. I know I keep my rave reviews in a binder by my desk and often find myself skimming through it when I need a pick me up.   

Feel The Love

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