Smart Phone, Smart People

For all the talk about people being so self absorbed with their phones that they are walking into traffic and trains, there may also be a benefit to those we see constantly snaping selfies or hunched over their tiny screens. 
Could it be we are now better at capturing (and remembering) important moments and milestones in our lives? The reasons many tweet and post is to show others how wonderful their life is, but the byproduct is the truly wonderful things that do happen in a day are now noticed, documented (and safely saved somewhere in a cloud.) 
In the past, people would journal as a way of keeping a record of their lives. Today, not so much. That’s okay. Not everyone has the time or talent to write about their day–but everyone can stop for a second and snap a selfie. I think this trend (like many based on technology) has made things faster and easier to do–which means we are more likely to do it.
Smart Phone, Smart People

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