Put The Phone Down and Step Away

Not everything is better with technology. Back in 1980, my brothers and I invented a game we called “Roll-Dice Baseball” and just as the name implies, it involved a pair of dice, paper, pencil, and a basic knowledge of baseball. We played simulated baseball games well into the wee hours of the morning in our room and loved every minute of it.
Fast forward thirty five years and I am playing the same game with my young sons. Despite being avid PlayStation players, they love this fun and simple game–so much so they shared it with their friends who also became fast fans. * 
Now we spend a night a week playing old school board games like Monopoly, Stratego, Life, as well as chess and backgammon. There’s just something about a good old-fashioned board game that brings a family together unlike their digital counterparts.
* If you want your own copy of “Roll-Dice Baseball” just e-mail me (use the link below) and I’ll send it along with a bill for $20 which includes shipping, tax, and a donation to Mission Bay Youth Baseball. 
ORDER THE “ROLL-DICE BASEBALL” GAME: leesilber@leesilber.com 
Put The Phone Down and Step Away

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