The U.S. Mint Makes Cents

By Evan Silber, Age 8

I try to do unique things like wear two different shoes and two different socks and do different stuff that other people don’t do so I stand out. When I get older I want to be like my dad and be an author and an illustrator. Oh, and a surfer and a football player. I know I have to work hard, get good grades, and practice.

When I have a problem the first step is you have to think. If you’re in school you should listen to your teacher because she might tell you something important that could help solve your problem. If you’re out of money, you can find cardboard and a pen and then make a sign, hold it up and you might, like, get some money.

I don’t like mean people and bullies. To me, a good friend is a nice, kind person you can trust. When I’m kind to other people it makes me happy. When, like, a younger kid wants to know something, like how they make money, I would tell them there’s a place called the U.S. Mint and they make cents there.

The U.S. Mint Makes Cents

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