Keep It Cool at School

By Ethan Silber, Age 10

A winner is a good sport. They don’t cheat and they play fair. They win but they’re not cocky about it. They keep it cool and are humble. You can be happy about your success but don’t get all up in other people’s face with it. You feel good about yourself but you don’t want to make the other person feel bad. A loser is someone who is a poor sport when they lose. They probably didn’t try their hardest in the game and that’s why they lost and got mad.

Parents should give kids second chances when they mess up. They should teach them the right way to do things and to treat people the way they want to be treated. If kids aren’t acting adult-like it’s because they aren’t mature yet. When parents get mad when kids aren’t acting civilized enough they shouldn’t be so hard on them because they’re still young and like to have fun.

If I won a million dollars I would ask other people what they want and make their wishes come true. I’d also tell them to spend their money wisely. If they don’t have enough money they can have a car wash. I know some kids who did that and made $90 and went to Disneyland.

Keep It Cool at School

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