Unmasking The Truth

Many of us still dress up for Halloween. (What, you don’t?) It’s the one time of the year we can be whatever we want to be. Too bad it wasn’t the other way around—where we are who and what we want to be every day except October 31st. A lucky few do get to live out their dreams every single day. The rest of us get a glimpse of what life could be like if everything was just the way we wanted it to be.
I’m a big fan of HGTV and the series of shows that do makeovers of homes. On one show in particular, The Property Brothers, the homeowners get glimpse of what life could be like showing them a home with everything on their wish list. The brothers then show the homeowners the plans and renderings of what their home will be like after a redesign and remodel. It’s powerful stuff (as is the before and after footage.)
What if we did the same thing with our lives? We could create a blueprint or brochure of what we want our career or business to be like. We could do a “before and after” of what we want to look like by taking a photo of our current self and then find one with what our ideal level of fitness and fashion would look like. We could create a mock up of a bank statement with our ideal amount of money in it. We could design a book cover of what our novel will be like when it’s completed. We could . . . you get the picture—and that’s what it’s about, being able to picture it.
This Halloween I am dressing up as Rocky Balboa. I love what Rocky stands for (and overcame to make it) as well as what the real Rocky went through–Sly Stallone persevered against all odds as a writer and actor. Since seeing is believing, I’m hoping the costume motivates me to not have to wear a fake set of ripped abs and bulging biceps next year when I wear the same outfit the next Halloween.
Unmasking The Truth

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