The Quickie

What would you do with ten extra minutes a day? Really? Oh. Seriously, we think we don’t have a minute to spare but if we really tried we could carve out five or ten minutes to do something we love but never seem to get around to . . . daily. A ten minute walk. Why not? Read a chapter of a book. Sure. Play our musical instrument. Absolutely. Browse a store. Done. Make a gourmet sandwich. No problem . . . and eat it, too. Write or draw in our journal. Easy. Listen to a song or two (which can instantly alter our mood for the better.) I could go on, but if we made the choice to endulge something we enjoy doing versus getting lost in other people’s Facebook postings, we could find the time. 

We just had the warmest summer in San Diego that anyone can remember. I kept a pair of trunks and a towel in my car and jumped in the ocean almost every day. I couldn’t spend the whole day at the beach, but I could go for a quick swim. (I keep a comb and five-gallon jug of water in the trunk of my car to wash off.) I get that great feeling from being at the beach even though I only spend a few minutes there. 
Why is this important? It’s because we are really after the feeling we get from doing our favorite things–and we can get that feeling daily by making a small amount of time for them. What could you do in ten minutes or less that would make you feel good for the rest of the day? 


The Quickie

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