The Longshot

Why do people root for the longshot, the underdog? Because we want to believe everyone has a chance at success . . . and the truth is we do. I really believe that. In baseball, why else would we want the Royals to be a contender? Or the A’s? Or the Pirates? They don’t have the most money to spend or the ability to “buy” a championship” but they are in the hunt. Who isn’t happy that Jose Altuve had a banner year despite being the smallest player in the major leagues? Then when the player, team, or celebrity makes it we root against them. Do we secretly want to see our heroes fall so we can watch them rise from the ashes?

Many people that love the Yankees, but even more despise them because they have the most money, the best players, and are consistently winners. (Except for this year.) They have a lot of good guys on the team and play the game the right way, but they are loathed by the fans of small-market teams. We want to believe there is fairness in the world–and if the odds are stacked against the little guy, we hope David defeats Goliath. If you are not the biggest or best at what you do let that drive and know others are rooting for you. If you are the perennial winner (and flaunt your success) others might like to see you fall on your face . . . unless you are humble and helpful.


The Longshot

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