The Fourth Quarter

In case you didn’t notice, we are entering the fourth and final quarter of 2014. Many people start the year strong, some get going in the middle, and others race to the finish line with a flourish. So you could be anywhere in your quest for success (and happiness) at this point in the year, but the key is to have a sense of urgency in October because many people cruise in late November and all through December due to the holiday season. If we are to “win” the year this could be the quarter to do it in . . . or not. 

For me, the fall and early winter will be critical and I’m looking forward to racing toward the new year and crossing the finish line in first place (I’m really only competeing against myself by trying to best my previous accomplishments, but it’s enough to push myself to go the extra mile.)

When I moved to Maui in my very early twenties I realized how easy a year could slip by with nothing really getting done. It’s Maui, right? There were no seasons (it’s always summer), people who visit came and went, but each group was on vacation so it felt like I was on vacation, too. The people who lived there were l-a-i-d back and many had no ambition beyond making the rent and staying there another month. I wanted to combine living for today with planning for tomorrow. 
So back in 1985 I first devised a points-based system for setting goals and receieving rewards for reaching milestones. I’ve used this same system since that time with excellent results. Keeping track (knowing exactly how well you are doing), competition (against yourself or others), and having something to shoot for (the more points the better the prize), can be the motivator many of us need to win. 
The Fourth Quarter

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