Thomas Edison

Failure Isn’t Final
We all know inventor Thomas Edison was famous for saying he found 10,000 ways to not invent the lightbulb . . . before he did. My favorite quote from him is this one, “When you have exhausted all possibilities remember this, you haven’t.” How many people were this close (picture my fingers only an inch apart) from success but gave up too soon? We’ll never know, but my guess is it’s a lot. 
In my career there have been at least two times I can recall when things were so bad I thought about giving up my dream of being an author and a speaker. (At one point I clearly remember paying for gas with change found in my car’s ashtray because that was all the cash I had.) Each time I was at such low points in my career I thought of Thomas Edison. Instead of continuing to do what didn’t work, I regrouped, reinvented myself, and redoubled my efforts. It worked.


Thomas Edison

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