Amelia Earhart

Push Past What’s Possible

When Amelia Earhart first started flying planes she was one of the only females doing it. She said, “The woman who can create her own job is the woman who will win fame and fortune.” She opened so many doors (broke them down, really) by not letting limitations determine how high she could fly–figuratively and literally. What could we do if we removed our preconceived ideas of what’s possible? 

I never notice I am not that tall (I’m being kind to myself here) unless I am standing next to someone who is. If I believed that height affected how high I could go I would never have reached the heights I have in my career . . . and life. For me, reading about athletes and actors who have made it big despite being somewhat small is inspiring. Whatever you feel may be holding you back can be overcome when you find others who have beat the odds to do it.
Amelia Earhart

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