Numbers Don’t Lie

Excuses are usually emotional and not logical (or rational). What if we just did the math? To lose weight it’s a pretty simple formula–burn more calories than we take in by eating less (and healthier) and exercing more. To write a book we divide how many pages we think it should be by the days we have until our deadline. Now we have a number to work with–a page or two a day from June to December is a big book. It’s the same with making or saving money. Math is the key to not only having a clear understanding of what we need to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to achieve a financial goal, it makes it more real.
Ah, but we are creative, emotional people and math is difficult and boring. Okay, I agree to a degree. Our dreams should be visual, emotional, and personal (why we really want what we want and how it will feel to have it.) How we get there can also be innovative and creative. That said, it’s still a numbers game. Time is a number and that is what we are dealing with. If we honestly look at how we spend our time, I bet we could all find the time to do what we have to with subtraction (eliminating some time wasters) and addition (making more time for working on our goals.) So, the formula for success is in the numbers. 
If we have a tangible target on a map we can pick and plot the fastest way to get there. If we want to go somewhere 60 miles away (by car) and drive an average of 60 miles per hour to get there, it should take us an hour. Sure, there may be bumps in the road, detours, and traffic, but we speed up when we can to compensate. For the second half of this year we should map out where we want to go and put the pedal to the metal to get there by the end of the year because time flies.  
Numbers Don’t Lie

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