Learn to Earn

My son Ethan and I wrote a book together last year so naturally my other son (Evan, age 7) wanted to write one, too. He came up with the concept and I illustrated his first book which we both shared with his first grade class–and they loved it.

Evan asked me if we could create a bookstore on the boardwalk and sell his new book to people passing by (he wants to use the money to buy a new baseball bat.) I told him I have a better idea, we can sell a digital version of his book online.

So, “Evan and the Lego Monster” is now available. The book is about his Lego coming to life at night and running all around the house until the sun comes up, at which point the Lego monsters crumble into pieces where they stand (all over the place.) Evan gets blamed for making the mess so he devises a plan to catch the little monsters in the act and vindicate himself.

If you would like to help Evan get his new bat simply purchase any mini book (use the link below) for $1.75 and I will send you his book and whichever mini book you choose.

TO GET A COPY OF “EVAN AND THE LEGO MONSTER” AND ANOTHER MINI BOOK http://www.leesilber.com/mini-books.html

Learn to Earn

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