The Oscar Goes To . . . You

As I am completing my second novel I started to fantasize about the book becoming a movie and began playing the game of deciding which celebrity would play which character. Then I thought, what if my life were a movie, who would play me? (Hint: It would have to be someone more like Robin Williams than Matthew McConaughey.) Now, how about you? Who would portray you in a movie about your life? What kind of movie would it be? Who are your co-stars? Where is it set?

We can delve deeper into our past life, look at where we are today, and where we see ourselves in the future by using feature films. Your answers will be very telling (they were for me), plus the process is fun, so play along.

1. If your life were a movie, what type of movie would it be? (Romance, mystery / thriller, action / adventure, comedy, horror, documentary, science fiction.)

2. What are the favorite scenes from your movie / life? What scene would you like to create?

3. What role do you play? What role do you want to play? Who else would you cast in the movie about your life?

4. What would the theme song be for the movie about your life?

5. What are your three favorite films? What is it about these movies that you think say something about you and your life?

Other questions we can ask ourselves is how do we see the movie of our life ending? Where is it set? Who is there with us in that final scene? What is said about us in the end of our film? What are our last lines? Who is listed in the credits?

The Oscar Goes To . . . You

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