Because I’m Happy

In 1988, Bobby McFerrin had a hit song with “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. Today, everyone is listening to Pharrell Williams and his infectious song, “Happy”. What makes YOU happy. Not what others think will make you happy, but when are YOU truly happiest?

Joe Walsh, a member of the Eagles (and a rock star in his own right) said in an interview, “You just keep chasing it but it’s always just out of reach.” He was referring to that feeling that he was trying to get from drugs and alcohol. This is a guy who is rich and famous, yet he was miserable. We are often chasing something we think will make us happy when what we really need and want is staring us right in the face.

In my interactions and interviews with people I have discovered three things that seem to bring people the most joy in life (listed below). However, the overall thing people are chasing is not a thing at all, it’s a feeling–which you can have whether you “have it all” or have very little. Look at this list and see if it resonates with you.

1. Happy people have good relations with their family and friends. They are comfortable being alone but prefer to surround themselves with others. They forgive and see the best in people even if they are flawed (and who isn’t?)

2. Happy people are involved in activities and projects they can become absorbed in–where time flies. They look forward to going to work and doing their jobs. They are engaged because they like what they do, are good at it, and in many cases, know it makes a difference.

3. Happy people are interested in personal growth rather than judging themselves against what others have or have done. They are grateful for what they have and appreciate the simple things in life.


Because I’m Happy

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