One Good Decision Leads to Another

One Good Decision
Compound interest is good, compounding a bad decision by making another one is not good. So why does one bad choice often lead to another? Back to back bad decisions are usually the result of people figuring, “Aw, what the heck, today is already a bust, so . . . ” 
If we could string together a series of solid decisions, we would see positive progress faster. Even if we choose poorly, let it go and make a better choice next time about what to do (or not do), eat (or not eat), and what to do (or not do) with our finances. 
With health and fitness, having someone who knows us and what we are trying to do helps us stay on track. They hold us accountable and we lean on them for support. So for the month of December team up with someone you trust and share a goal you are working towards with them. Use the attached card to write down something you will do in December and give it to them. When you have done it–thanks to your good decisions during the month–they will give it back to you and whatever your reward is (write it down) enjoy it.    
One Good Decision Leads to Another

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