The Future is Now

“Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one.” ~Doc Brown
If only we could travel forward in time to see how it all turns out–for us. In the second “Back to the Future” film Biff becomes wildly wealthy by stealing a sports almanac Marty McFly left behind and giving it to his young self. He wins every time since he already knows the score. Man, that would something–to know the outcome of things in advance.
In the movie we hear Biff say, “Florida is going to win the World Series in 1997. Yeah, right.” The movie came out in 1987, ten years before the Marlins actually won the World Series. Plus, Florida didn’t even have a team in 1987. Spooky.
So what does all this mean to us? Let’s pretend we know the outcome by envisioning the future the way we want it to be. Then, do something today to make it happen. The future is now and a result of our actions in the present based on our expectations and plans for tomorrow . . . and beyond.   
The Future is Now

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