Creative Accountability For Creative People

Actions speak louder than words. True. However, words backed up by actions are even better. Write down a goal, project, or task you intend to do this year, but haven’t . . . yet. Now tell someone you trust in person, in a text, through e-mail, over the phone, or on a postcard what you WILL do and have them hold you accountable to get this done. Have the person (or people) you partner with share their intentions, and keep them on track as well.
Put this declaration of intent up where you (and others) will see it during the day–taped to the door, on a bulletin board, or as your screen saver. Better yet, tweet it, post it on Facebook, upload it to Instagram, or create a Pinterest page about your plans for all to see. Post your progress to inspire others.


Creative Accountability For Creative People

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