Take This Life and . . . Love It

I have a friend who is always searching for the next thing to do with his life–and he’s well into his forties. I’m supportive . . . to a point. He’ll ask me what I would do if I won the Lottery. My answer is, “Exactly what I am doing now, which is writing books about things I am passionate about and inspiring people with my presentations.” He’ll wonder aloud, “What will you do with yourself when you retire?” I reply, “Who said I want to retire. I love what I do, so why would I want to stop?” It goes on like this until he gives up and says, “Well you’re lucky you found what you want to do with your life and you’re doing it.”
Luck had very little to do with it. Like many people who are pursuing their passion, I trusted my instincts and went for it even though it was the least safe and most scary option out there–but to not try would have been even more frightening for me as would wondering, what if? I worked my tail off early on and paid my dues, but because I loved what I was doing it didn’t feel like work. Now here I am. It’s never too late, but I am glad I switched careers in 1992 / 1993 and twenty years later can say without a doubt, it was the right choice.
What does this mean for you? Hopefully you are in the same boat I am, picking up steam as we head toward the place we mapped out years before as our ultimate destination and enjoying the ride to get there–even when it gets a little rough and stormy at times. If not, you don’t have to completely jump ship and quit your job to start pursuing your passion. Do it part time, but do it. Find someone who is living your dream and learn how they did and if possible, ask for their help. Don’t settle for something that seems safe but eats away at your soul while what you know you could and should do is out there. Be smart about it, but also be bold.
Take This Life and . . . Love It

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