Take This Job and . . . Shove It

Would it surprise you to learn most people hate their jobs? If you said, “No,” you were right. Percentage wise, 70 percent of workers surveyed in a recent Gallop poll were unhappy at work–and 18 percent of them made it their mission to spread that unhappiness to others. You would think with all the perks being offered by today’s companies people would be thrilled, but it turns out ping pong, free massages, and nap pods can’t overcome a bad boss or boring tasks. People want to work on projects that challenge and inspire them, be in a position to advance, and receive recognition for a job well done . . . and get paid well. In other words, they want a job that satisfies them–which is why we have always called it “job satisfaction”.
According to my informal polls taken during my presentations I find that people who love their jobs seem to enjoy a challenge. More than a few have told me they changed jobs and took a pay cut just to work where they were inspired by the projects, prospects to advance, and the people they worked for and with. That’s heartening to hear, that people want to push themselves and the possibilities. You may not have to switch jobs (or careers) to find that. Maybe you set higher goals for yourself, or volunteer to take on the toughest tasks, or look for problems to solve that nobody else is willing to tackle. Click on the link below to read about others rose to the occasion (and from the ashes) to succeed.

TO SEE THE INSPIRING PINTEREST PAGE CLICK HERE http://pinterest.com/leesilber/stop-whining-and-start-doing/

Take This Job and . . . Shove It

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