Take This Job and . . . Love It

So what brings workers joy on the job? The answer is a corporate culture that allows people a chance to voice their opinions and work together. Companies that reward their workers for their ideas and encourage them to have an active role in shaping everything from the hours they work to what they work on is important. This is the entire focus on my book, “The Wild Idea Club” and what I speak about in my corporate training. By blending brainstorming and teamwork–and adding a dash of entrepreneurship and mixing in some incentives–you get the kind of creative collaboration where everyone wins.
When you focus on solutions rather than dwell on the problems you have a major shift in your mindset. For many people the problems seem so big they wouldn’t know where to start. So start by fixing the really small things you are able to do yourself–or with the help of a few friends and co-workers. To get a free copy of the digital book about how others like you have done this with amazing results, click the link below to request a copy of, “The Wild Idea Club” mini book.
Take This Job and . . . Love It

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