Not-So-Common Courtesy

Two words, “Thank You” are the one thing we all like to hear, yet rarely do. It’s now surprising (in a good way) when someone takes the time to acknowledge a job well done, reward an act of kindness by responding with sincere gratitude, or sends a card and nice note after receiving a gift. What’s the deal? Could it be we are too busy to be nice? Are we all now joining in with a generation that feels entitled? Do we assume people already know we appreciate them and their efforts and don’t need to hear it from us?
The answer is simple, WE need to set an example for others to follow by being the best person possible when it comes to showing our appreciation for the efforts of others on our behalf–and teach our kids to do the same. It’s an attitude of gratitude, and what we put out comes back to us . . . eventually. If we take a second to say, “Thanks” it makes a difference. If we take a minute to send a text or e-mail with a few nice words, it may make someone smile. If we write and send a thank you card in the mail it can take a couple of days to get there, but the reaction to your action may be you make someone’s day.
If you want to stand out in a crowd (in a good way) the best way to do it is to be the ONE person who says, “Thank You” for even the smallest things. For a minute forget social media, analytics, and other modern forms of marketing and focus on being the person who appreciates others and takes the time to make them feel special by lavishing praise on them as a way to give back–and if you need to, you are also promoting yourself in a positive way. Make sure everyone counts and they know that they count.
I want to thank you for being a reader of this publication and for your support over the years. It means the world to me that you take time out of your day to read these words and I appreciate you more than you will ever know. Thank you.
Not-So-Common Courtesy

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