The Fame Game

Fame is the name of the game. This is nothing new. When a person is famous (but not infamous) life can be a little bit easier. This could mean we are known as the best person in our field, a star where we work, the best blogger on a timely topic–or we make a name for ourself on a national level. The more people who know, like, and respect us, the better. Andy Warhol was right, many more of us will be getting our “15 minutes of fame” now that access to the media is easier, our chances of appearing on “television” (think: YouTube) are better, and the only thing keeping us from having a book or album with our name on it is our ability to create it. So what does this mean?
If we desire and aspire to be famous, it’s possible. The perks that go with it could help our professional career and make our personal life a little more exciting. I have personally appeared in the media over 1,000 times and it still doesn’t get old. Do I crave it like a lot of reality stars? I don’t think so, but maybe that’s the problem. For me, getting the word out about who I am and what I do is important to get to the next level, but not my main priority. I met a man who charges ten times what I do for a speech (and gets it). All that separates us is his appearance on TED–and his bank balance. (We spoke at the same conference and I scored higher, but he gets the last laugh . . . so to speak.) At first I found it a little frustrating, then I decided to do something about the differential.
If we want to get our name out there, it’s a numbers game. We have to come up with a hook, send out press releases, and pitch. pitch, pitch. That’s the old way, and it still works. We also should do a Google search related to what we do (or want to do) and see where it leads us. If we start local we may end up with global exposure (eventually) but to start with the national media means a lot of rejection. If we start small, our chances of success are much, much better. That means we are a big fish in a small pond that includes community newspapers, our best friend’s blog, and maybe an internet radio interview. Now that everything is archived, it can be picked up and by bigger publications.
Start your media “blitz” now with a small, but targeted approach to getting your name out there.


The Fame Game

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