Delayed Reaction

My mentor once told me there are three things to never talk about if you can help it. One is politics, two is religion, and three is how a woman’s butt looks in her jeans . . . since there is no right answer. So I won’t talk about how many women now have a bulge in their back pockets as they carry their smart phones there. I would like to talk about another new phenomenon. It seems to me there is a long lag when a stoplight turns green because the lead driver is looking down at their phone–and it’s probably not just the first person in line that lags, either. 
Forget the implications of how dangerous a distracted driver can be, what about how many of us are so busy checking facebook, sending texts, and reading e-mail (WE would never do it in our cars, I just mean at home and at work) that we forget to look up and live our (real) lives? Since I sent my last newsletter, I have not had a great month–and that’s an understatement. I tried to distract myself from my own problems by immersing myself in social media–hoping to find things to cheer me up or maybe realize I am not the only one with challenges. 
Then I left my phone at home (by accident) and was faced with a long drive without it. At first I was furious with myself for not having my best friend (my iPhone) but then I realized it was a blessing in disguise. Now I am making it a point to disconnect for a (short) while each day. It’s been a boon to my creativity, self-awareness, and of course I am a better driver (wink). Try it. 


Delayed Reaction

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